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Major Flunkies: “The Bankers’ Dozen”

With the midterm elections drawing near, we recognize these 13 members of Congress for their exceptional service to Wall Street, eager acceptance of its campaign cash, and utter disregard for the interests of their constituents.
(Click on portrait for full dossier. Scroll down for 19 Minor Flunkies.) 

Parrots the arguments of Wall Street lobbyists while helping banks and payday lenders etc. squeeze more money out of their customers.
Could write a handbook for members of Congress on how to raise heaps of Wall Street money. Few have ever raked in so much so quickly.
Charter member of the “pro-banking bench in Congress.” His entire political career has been fueled by Wall Street money.
Wall Street banks and other financial high-flyers have spent millions to place and keep her in office.
Has collected millions from Wells Fargo, Blackstone, Bank of America and other financial and real estate interests.
American Bankers Association rates this former bank CEO one of its most trusted friends in Congress.
Played a key role in stripping consumers of the right to join forces and take big-time financial wrongdoers to court.
Prides herself on her opposition to government “handouts” but has voted again and again for giveaways to Wall Street.
Lead sponsor of a big-bank giveaway bill written almost word for word by Citigroup, one of his top donors.
Made millions as an executive of the insurance-giant-run-amok AIG. Continues to serve Wall Street in his new capacity.
Hard to find a legislator who has used the powers of office more often to advance Wall Street’s political agenda.

Minor Flunkies: They Too Have Served, and Profited

ALEX MOONEY (West Virginia 02). A record of unfailing support for Wall Street's political agenda – and plenty of Wall Street cash to show for it.
BARRY LOUDERMILK (Georgia 11). Sided with banks, payday lenders and Wall Street just about every chance he got.
BILL HUIZENGA (Michigan 02). A lot of loot from a long list of banks and financial companies.
BILL POSEY (Florida 08). Since his election to Congress in 2008, he has rarely missed a chance to do Wall Street’s bidding.
BLAINE LUETKEMEYER (Missouri 03). Wants to make it easier for Wall Street banks and financial companies to undo rules they don't like.
CLAUDIA TENNEY (NY 22). Big financial backers include Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, the Investment Company Institute, the Online Lenders Alliance, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and the American Bankers Association.
DAVID KUSTOFF (Tennessee 08). 74 chances to choose between Wall Street and the public interest. Voted for Wall Street all 74 times.
FRANK D. LUCAS. (Oklahoma 03). Voted to weaken oversight of the Big 3 credit ratings agencies after they made huge profits by slapping triple-A ratings on toxic securities. Plenty of other Wall-Street-friendly acts.
LEE ZELDIN (NY 01). Has taken over $2 million from the likes of Blackstone, the American Financial Services Association, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. In Wall Street’s corner pretty much whenever his vote was needed.
PATRICK MCHENRY (North Carolina 10). Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and the American Bankers Association think it's worth a lot of money to get him reelected.
PETE KING (NY 02). Has done many a favor for Wall Street over his 13 terms in Congress, while collecting more than $3 million in Wall Street campaign cash.
ROGER WILLIAMS (Texas 25). Wall Street knows it can count on his support. And vice versa.
SCOTT TIPTON (Colorado 03). Has repeatedly voted to make it easier for banks and financial companies to gamble with taxpayer-backed funds or take unfair advantage of their customers.
SEAN DUFFY (Wisconsin 07). Has taken well over $3 million from banks, payday lenders and other financial and real estate interests.
STEVE STIVERS (Ohio 15). Over $5 million in campaign cash from banks, payday lenders, and other financial and real estate interests.
TED BUDD (North Carolina 13). Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Capital One and Bank of New York Mellon are just a few of the banks and financial companies trying to get him reelected.
TOM EMMER (Minnesota 06). Rarely misses a chance to do Wall Street's bidding.
WARREN DAVIDSON (Ohio 08). In just a single term in Congress he cast 74 votes to go easy on banks, lenders and other financial entities.
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