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The Wall Street Flunkies Project

We are here to call out a group of elected officials for taking heaps of money from big banks, payday lenders, and private equity firms etc. while using the powers of their office to help those companies – and their executives — enrich themselves at the expense of the society as a whole.

Working alongside progressive groups, activists, and candidates around the country, we hope to:

  • Help good congressional candidates defeat bad candidates;
  • Demonstrate that lawmakers can be made to pay a price for doing Wall Street’s bidding;
  • Inspire more candidates and office-holders to be brave about these issues;
  • Help lay the policy foundation for a financial system that serves the American people – the vast majority of us rather than a small privileged slice of us; and
  • Help free our country and its political process from the power of organized money.

Our profiles rely on official government data and the excellent research and analysis of the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) and Americans for Financial Reform (AFR). We encourage you to make fruitful use of this material – facts, figures, stories, talking points – in social media, op eds, letters to the editor, candidate forums, rallies, printed handouts and mailers, etc. Although we have tried to provide links and source notes for questionable facts, we would be glad to help you confirm or clarify any point you’re unsure of. Just send an email of inquiry to

This is a volunteer project. Jim Lardner (chief instigator) is a writer and activist who previously worked on financial regulation issues at Demos and Americans for Financial Reform.

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