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ALEX MOONEY (West Virginia 02). A record of unfailing support for Wall Street's political agenda – and plenty of Wall Street cash to show for it.
WARREN DAVIDSON (Ohio 08). In just a single term in Congress he cast 74 votes to go easy on banks, lenders and other financial entities.
DAVID KUSTOFF (Tennessee 08). 74 chances to choose between Wall Street and the public interest. Voted for Wall Street all 74 times.
BARRY LOUDERMILK (Georgia 11). Sided with banks, payday lenders and Wall Street just about every chance he got.
BILL POSEY (Florida 08). Since his election to Congress in 2008, he has rarely missed a chance to do Wall Street’s bidding.
PATRICK MCHENRY (North Carolina 10). Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and the American Bankers Association think it's worth a lot of money to get him reelected.
Could write a handbook for members of Congress on how to raise heaps of Wall Street money. Few have ever raked in so much so quickly.
Prides herself on her opposition to government “handouts” but has voted again and again for giveaways to Wall Street.
TOM EMMER (Minnesota 06). Rarely misses a chance to do Wall Street's bidding.
TED BUDD (North Carolina 13). Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Capital One and Bank of New York Mellon are just a few of the banks and financial companies trying to get him reelected.
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